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Changing the face of Commercial Factoring.
Create Dynamic Business, Information, Cash Process Flow.

About Us

YGCG Global Commercial Factoring Co. Ltd. supports small and medium-sized enterprises by providing quick access to financing solutions.

collateral free; fast and easy approval process; low interest rates

Our Mission
YGCG Global Commercial Factoring Co. Ltd. is the first Singaporean WFOE (wholly foreign-owned enterprise) that has successfully obtained commercial factoring license in China. We strive to support China’s “One Belt One Road” initiative by providing innovative global supply chain financing services to upstream and downstream enterprises.

We are committed to resolve financing difficulties of small and medium-sized enterprises by providing financing solutions to create liquidity and facilitate global trade.
Our Strategy & Core Values
YGCG drives digitization and systematic online operations of supply chain financing through our online commercial financial system that leverages on innovative information technology and a robust risk management system.

Our Core Values include Integrity, Innovation, Transparency and Professionalism.
YGCG Global Commercial Factoring Co. Ltd. operates under the holding company, YGCG Global Pte. Ltd., and has access to its specialized commercial financial system, international business management experience and global market network.

Through the innovative commercial financial system and effective financing services, YGCG Global Commercial Factoring Co. Ltd. can assist enterprises to access and integrate into the global supply chain network and enhance competitiveness in international trade.
Our Services

YGCG provides enterprises with efficient and timely services.

Why Us

Collateral free; fast and easy process; elimination of high fees on assets valuation.


Access to new businesses from Purchase Orders (POs) secured by Agents.
Assurance on credibility of POs/Buyers who have gone through comprehensive background checks by YGCG.
Quick and easy access to financing to help fulfil POs, thus, reducing cash flow burden.
High degree of transparency through tripartite agreement.

Assurance on credibility of Suppliers who have gone through comprehensive background checks by YGCG.
Payment through Letter of Credit ensures lower risks on bad fulfilment issues.
Dedicated Agents to follow up on each order to ensure smooth and secure production and delivery.
High degree of transparency through tripartite agreement.
Financial Institution

Widen financing channels through partnering YGCG.
Reduce capital risks/bad debts.

Enjoy attractive remuneration (commission-based) upon completion of each Purchase Order.
Enjoy flexible business/working arrangement.

Our Team

Our team's diverse expertise brings insight into the strategic governance of the company.

Mr. Gun KC
Non-Executive Chairman
Mr. Ben Wong
Non Executive Deputy Chairman
Mr. Clifford Neo
Executive Director
Mr. Chua Leong Hin
Non-Executive and Non-Independent Director
Mr. Khoo Wee Meng
Chief Executive Officer, Greater China

Mr. Khoo, Managing Director of K LINK(Shanghai)Investment Consultant Co. Ltd., is a reputable and highly regarded industry veteran with close to 30 years of solid-management experience in China. Mr. Khoo’s previous portfolios include General Manager of DBS Land China and Consular of the Singapore Shanghai Consulate.
Mr. Luo Hongping
Chief Executive Officer, China

Mr. Luo Hongping is currently Vice President of Jiuding Investment. Prior to this, he was a senior manager of Wuhan Commercial Bank and marketing director of Hutchison Global Team. Mr. Luo Hongping holds a master's degree in business administration, and graduated from Peking University.
Mr. Irwin Lim
Chief Finance Officer

With over 20 years of professional experience in running numerous companies, Mr. Lim’s rich and extensive experience in the audit and finance industry will be a valuable asset to the company.
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